2024 Conference Agenda

42nd Southern Rocky Mountain Agricultural Conference and Trade Show

February 6th, 7th & 8th, 2024 : Ski Hi Park : Monte Vista, Colorado


ROOM GUIDE: Conference Room, Blue Room, Orange Room, Green Room, DEMO’s

7:30-9:00am BREAKFAST Sponsored by MONTE VISTA COOP
8:00-10:00am Visit Trade Show Vendors
9:40am National Anthem
9:45-9:55am Official Conference Opening: Pledge of Allegiance, Welcome, Introduction of Ag Conference Planning Committee Larry Brown, CSU-SLV Area Ag Business Agent/Director
10:00-10:25 am NPC Political Update Kam Quarles, Chief Executive Officer, National Potato Council
10:30-10:55am Colorado Legislative Update James Henderson, Vice Pres. Colo Farm Bureau
11:00-11:25am Federal Legislative Update Dan Waldvogle, Director of External Affairs, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
11:30-11:55am Navigating the Potato Shopper’s Journey to Purchase and the Mexico Opportunity Kim Breshears, Chief Marketing Officer, Potatoes USA
Noon-1:20pm LUNCH Sponsored by FARM CREDIT
1:20pm Diamond Sponsor Presentation Plant Nutrient Solutions
1:30-2:10pm Macro Economic Outlook Tanner Ehmke, Lead Economist, Co Bank, ACB
1:30-3:00pm Forage Testing for Livestock Nutrition Workshop Travis Taylor, CSU Livestock Ext. Agent, GPA
1:30-1:55pm Soil Moisture Sensor Technology – A Farmer’s Experience LeRoy Salazar, Farmer & Engineer and Company Reps
1:30-3:00pm Family Farm Estate and Succession Planning Workshop Jeff Tranel, Regional Extension Specialist, CSU
2:00-2:25pm Pivot Controllers & Remote Water Measuring Wade Henderson, P.E. & Caleb Brown, Mechanical Eng. – Sky Hi Engineering
2:15-3:00pm Ag Markets Outlook Stephen Koontz, Dept. Ag & Resource Econ CSU
2:30-3:00pm Nozzle Considerations Jason Lorenz, P.E. Agricultural Engineer, Agro Eng.
3:00-3:15pm BREAK – all rooms
3:20pm Diamond Sponsor Presentation Wilbur Ellis
3:30-4:25pm Irrigation Efficiency Panel: VFD, Magnets & More Wade Henderson, Kyler Brown, Jason Lorenz, Grant Mattive, Sherry Haugen, Larry Brown & Nathan Coombs – Moderator
3:30-5:00pm COMET Training: Do you look after your neighbors as close as your crop or herd? Rebecca Hill, Chad Reznicek & JC Carrica – Colorado AgrAbility Project
3:30-4:30pm Ram Testing for Fertility & Disease Management: B-Ovis and Others Geri Parsons, Optimal Livestock Services, LLC
3:30-3:55pm Changes to Colorado Seed Potato Law Jim Ehrlich, CPAC Executive Director
4:00-4:25pm The Effect PVY has on Yield and the Current PVY Situation in the SLV Andrew Houser, Manager, Colo. Potato Certification Service, SLV Research Center
4:30-5:00pm Detection and Characterization of Mixed Infection of Potato Virus Y (PVY) in the San Luis Valley Vamsi Nalam, Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Biology, CSU
4:30-5:00pm Wetlands and Riparian Restoration Opportunities with Infrastructure Investment and Inflation Reduction (IIJA and BIL) Funding Jenny Nehring, Biologist, Wetland Dynamics, LLC
4:30-5:00pm Pregnancy Testing Ewes with Ultrasound and Blood Testing Geri Parsons, Optimal Livestock Services, LLC
5:00pm Social Hour
featuring the Kicker Band
Sponsored by C-PAC & Sunflower Bank
Band sponsored by Rio Grande County Farm Bureau

ROOM GUIDE: Conference Room, Blue Room, Orange Room, Green Room, DEMO’s

7:30-9:00am BREAKFAST Sponsored by SLVREC
8:00-10:00am Visit Trade Show Vendors
8:15-8:45am DEMO: Autonomous Pivot Daniel Jenkins
8:45-9:15am DEMO: Drone Exhibition Chad Price, Monte Vista COOP
9:20am National Anthem
9:30-10:25am GUT Informed: The Connection Between Gut Health & Soil Health Carley Smith, NTP CGP
10:30-10:55am CSU Introductions Zach Czarnecki, Larry Brown & Amy Charkowski, Dept Head Ag Biology, CSU
11:00-12:00pm KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Visual Thinking: The hidden gifts of people who think in pictures, patterns, and abstractions Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science, CSU
Noon-1:20pm Lunch Sponsored by Frontier Bank & Alamosa State Bank
1:20pm Diamond Sponsor Presentation
1:30-1:55pm The Importance of Good Stockmanship Dr. Temple Grandin, Prof. of Animal Science, CSU*********
1:20pm Diamond Sponsor Presentation Yara
1:30-1:55pm Potatoes USA Research Group – “Helping Potato Scientists and Breeders Help Growers” John Lundeen, Research Director, Potato USA
1:30-1:55pm Best Management Practices to Control Puncture Vine (Goat heads) Kristi Bartolo, Agronomy Specialist, CSU Extension
2:00-2:55pm Virtual Fencing Panel – People with First Hand Experience Using the Technology Dr. Temple Grandin; Michael Moon – Ranch Manager; Berkeley Bayuk – CSU Intern; Meg Shelley, RGNF Saguache District, Chelsea Pridemore – Rancher; Todd Hagenbuch, CSU Ext. – Moderator
2:00-2:25pm 2023 Certified Seed Post Harvest Test Update Andrew Houser, Manager, Colo. Potato Certification Service, SLV Research Center
2:00-3:00pm Black Oats & Other Forage Cover Crops Panel Tommy Biel, Mattea & Tanner Freel, Wade Henderson, Clay Mitchell, Jeff Davidson – Moderator
2:00-2:55pm AgrAbility – Supporting Farmers and Ranchers Physical and Behavioral Health Rebecca Hill, CSU Ext. State Specialist & Co-Director of AgrAbility Project; Chad Reznicek, MA, LPC, Behavioral Health Specialist & Colorado AgrAbility Project
2:30-3:00pm CSU Potato Breeding and Selection Program Update Caroline Gray, Potato Breeding and Selection, CSU San Luis Valley Research Center
2:30-3:00pm BREAK – All Rooms
3:20pm Diamond Sponsor Presentation Hay Guard – Silo Guard
3:30-5:00pm Calving & Lambing Presentation: Innovations and Fundamentals Tim Holt DVM, Clinical Sciences, CSU & Curtis Crawford DVM, Alpine Veterinary Clinic & Geri Parsons, Optimal Livestock Services, LLC
3:30-3:55pm Placement of Blended Liquid Phosphorus Fertilizers for Sustainable Potato Production Samuel YC Essah, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, CSU, SLV Research Center
3:30-3:55pm Alternative Crops – Millets and Legumes Looking Promising Jeff Davidson, Assistant Manager-Operations, Arkansas Valley Research Center
3:30-5:00pm Using EPIC Spreadsheet for Cost of Production, Cash Flow, and Sensitivity Analysis Jeff Tranel, Regional Ext. Specialist, CSU
4:00-4:25pm SLVRC Potato Pathology Updates – 2023 Mohamad Chikh-Ali, Ph.D. Research Professor, Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology Program
4:00-4:25pm Is All This Soils Health Stuff Worth It? Rob Jones, Jones Farms Organics
4:30-5:00pm Noxious Weed Law Armando Ross, RG Weed Manager
4:30-5:00pm Recreational Impacts to Working Lands Dani Robben, SLVGO, Community Connections Coordinator; Bethany Howell, Dir. Strategic Outreach and Engagement, CDA
5:00pm Social Hour Sponsored by SAN LUIS VALLEY FEDERAL BANK

ROOM GUIDE: Conference Room, Blue Room, Orange Room, Green Room, DEMO’s

7:30-9:00am BREAKFAST Sponsored by 1ST SOUTHWEST BANK
8:00-10:00am Visit Trade Show Vendors
8:15-8:50am Reducing Taxes by Increasing Philanthropy in Your Estate Planning Bill Sheets, Sr Director, CSU Office of Gift Planning; Ali Eccleston, Managing Director of Development CSU-OEE
8:15-8:50am Photographic Tour of Automated Head Gates Bruce Bacon, Principle Engineer/Owner Hydologik
9:00am National Anthem
9:00-9:10am Diamond Sponsor Presentation
9:10-9:25am RGWCD Introductions and Brief Update Amber Pacheco, Deputy General Mgr. – RGWCD
9:30-10:15am Southern Colorado Long Term Climate Outlook Becky Bolinger, CSU Assistant State Climatologist
10:20-10:45am Overview of Colorado Weather Modification Programs Andrew Rickert, Program Manager, Colorado Water Conservation Board
10:50-11:45am Snowpack to Headgate – Surface Water Management Nathan Coombs & Pat McDermott, DWR
11:45-12:00pm Closing Comments and Conference Closing Larry Brown & Zach Czarnecki – CSU
12:00pm Lunch Sponsored by Del Norte Bank
1:00pm Commercial Applicator & Private Applicator Continuing Education, 7-Core Credits Don Henderson, DP Ag Services

** We do our best to adhere to the set schedule but unforeseen circumstances beyond our control may arise and changes may happen without notice. We appreciate your understanding.**

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